Lano Solutions

International Tax Structuring

Rapid development of international economy and swift expansion of worldwide globalization processes force entrepreneurs to comply with new global rules of doing business. A failure to accept new challenges may result in profits’ loss and decay of a business. It is extremely hard to survive in a day-to-day struggle with competitors and a tax burden if your business is built in an obsolete and ineffective way.

Considering the way the international taxation system operates, it appears obvious that the use of an ineffective corporate holding structure or an inappropriate jurisdiction can cost for a shareholder a huge sum of money spent on taxes and other excessive expenses instead of being reinvested into a business.

We are ready to assist you in restructuring your companies’ holding structure and elaborating a tax-efficient business model. These actions will provide your business with the following competitive advantages:

  • Legitimately reduced tax burden and a total amount of taxes to be paid by your business;
  • Release of additional funds for business development and investing;
  • Optimization of a holding’s management that allows you focusing on other business processes and business planning;
  • Increased transparency of your business for attracting funds/financing;
  • Enhanced protection of your business and assets from creditors and different hostile actions;
  • Confidentiality of the information on the business structure and its beneficiaries.

Our experts are ready to provide you with a wide range of services related to business restructuring and tax optimization, in particular:

  • Analysis of the existing business model in terms of its tax efficiency and protection of the owners’ interests;
  • Advice on business restructuring and elaboration of a new tax-efficient business model for a holding structure;
  • Establishment of legal entities in low tax jurisdictions (“tax heavens”) and other jurisdictions suitable for your business needs;
  • Establishment of international trusts and foundations for an asset protection and other purposes;
  • Advice on legal tax optimization of your business and personal affairs.