Lano Solutions


All kinds of business, both developing and experienced, are tremendously interested in increasing their commercial power, facilitation of their rapid growth and expansion into other countries/territories/markets. One of the fastest way to achieve all these goals is to merge with/acquire another company operating in target region or having certain business assets you are interested in.

Voluntary acquisition of a company, integral property complex or a substantial portion of assets may open a vast range of opportunities for a buyer. At the same time, some shareholders have no other way but to sell their shares/assets. Sometimes, this may allow them to capitalize the profits or mitigate their potential losses.

In both cases, efficiency and a result of a transaction depends, first of all, on its commercial and economic essence, i.e. how profitable and advantageous such transaction is. However, adequate and professional legal support is also a crucial issue. It happens that legal negligence and bad-quality legal assistance not only diminish the potential profits and benefits of a transaction, but may result in losses suffered by the parties thereto.

Within the scope of M&A transactions, we are ready to provide you with the following services:

  • Legal analysis of possible implications of a transaction and legal advice regarding alternative options for achieving your goals;
  • Drafting legal documents in accordance with provisions of international and foreign law;
  • Analysis of prospective risks and drawbacks of a transaction;
  • Transaction support and its step-by-step implementation;
  • Legal support in negotiations with contractors, state authorities and international organizations on all stages of the implementation of a transaction (until closing);
  • Post-transaction support;
  • Analysis of the contractor’s/partner’s goodwill and reputation;
  • Due diligence;
  • Maintaining permanent contact with advisors of another party to a transaction upon all matters;
  • Dispute resolution.