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Immigration Services

Today, the quantity of immigrants heading towards the EU and other prosperous countries is increasing every day. As a response to the immigration flow, these countries take diverse measures limiting such waves of unwanted aliens. However, there is a type of immigration which all countries are interested in – business/wealth immigration. Therefore, many countries implement different initiatives aimed at supporting certain groups of legitimate immigrants.

Subject to specific peculiarities of each country, there are few main activities allowing foreigners to get a residence permit and/or citizenship abroad: doing business, purchasing real estate, investing into business/state programs/government securities, etc. Additionally, skilled professionals of certain rare or demandable occupations usually has also a chance to get some benefits in obtaining a residence permit and/or citizenship. Our company is ready to assist you with immigration into a chosen country by means of establishing a business or helping you to invest into the country’s economy.

Generally speaking, immigration to another developed country (e.g. EU) may potentially provide you with the following benefits:

  • Legitimate residence in EU or in other country with a developed economic and political system;
  • Ability to leave your native country (usually, together with your family) in the event of occurrence of any conflicts, wars and other adverse circumstances;
  • Ability to run business freely within the EU and other countries enjoying tax benefits and advanced regulatory system;
  • Visa-free travel to the Schengen countries and/or countries of the British Commonwealth;
  • Acquisition of a residency in a chosen country for your business increasing its status and enhancing its prestige;
  • Possibility of a permanent residence and acquisition of a citizenship.

As a rule, conditions of a business/wealth immigration in each country are different. Some countries are much more loyal to potential businesspersons or investors with regard to granting them a residence permit or a citizenship than others, even if such people does not plan to invest millions. On the other hand, there are countries that welcomes only wealthy people who are willing to make substantial investments or run a huge business. Thus, we are able to propose you the most suitable option depending on your needs and resources.

Please note that we also assists our clients in obtaining a refugee status in EU. Detailed information regarding this service may be provided to you upon your separate request.