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Residence Permit via Investing in Real Estate


Purchasing an immovable property is comparatively straightforward and effective way of obtaining a residence permit.

The advantages of this of this option are the following:

• No need to run business in the country you are immigrating to (no taxes, no business risks, etc.);

• Real estate is considered as a conservative and reliable investment;

• Ability to get a residence permit for all family members without substantial additional fees;

• Residence permit granted upon investing in real estate is usually valid for a longer period than a residence permit obtained in the course of business migration procedure;

• The procedure for extending a residence permit is rather straightforward;

• Possibility to lease your property and earn a profit;

• Possibility to get a loan from a local bank on favorable terms for investing into a real estate required for obtaining a residence permit (if certain conditions are met);

• Possibility to obtain a permanent residency and/or citizenship after a few years living under a temporary residence permit (in some countries).

At the same time, certain disadvantages of having a real estate object and a respective residence permit shall be considered:

• It requires relatively significant amount of investment;

• You must be ready to bear additional expenses (real estate tax, property maintenance, etc.);

Notwithstanding the disadvantages mentioned above, we should admit that if you (i) have enough money, (ii) look for making a worthwhile long-term investment, and (iii) are interested in lawful ways to move into another country preserving comfortable conditions of living you have got used to, getting a residence permit by investing in real estate is a good choice.