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Intellectual Property


Alongside the development of information and computer technologies, more and more objects of intellectual property require protection and good-quality administration. Usually, proper and well-timed registration of IP rights may help you to avoid potential disputes with competitors, while application of adequate and efficient schemes for using IP rights may serve you as a good instrument for tax optimization.

Generally, we provide our clients with a customized legal advice on the protection and commercial use of IP rights as well as its proper and efficient management. Our advice will help you make the most of your IP assets at the same time allowing you to minimize necessary expenses and mitigate potential risks.

Below you can find a list of services presented for our clients in the area of intellectual property:

  • Registration (local and international) of patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, trade names;
  • Copyright issues;
  • Acquisition or disposal of intellectual property;
  • Management of IP rights, international structuring of royalties;
  • Drafting and analyzing of contracts relating to IP (licensing contracts, distribution contracts, franchising contracts, software development contracts, etc.);
  • Protection of IP rights in relationships with contractors, partners and competitors.